Independent IRB

BRANY IRB has full AAHRPP accreditation and 18 years of experience serving as both an independent IRB for multi-site research, and a local IRB to academic medical centers, research organizations, and research sites.

Understanding that organizations need to remain connected to the research conducted throughout their organization, BRANY includes in its processes the mechanisms to keep key organizational personnel apprised of all pertinent research matters throughout the course of a research study.

Central IRB

Central IRB (AAHRPP-Accredited) with expedited reviews

  • BRANY’s Central, AAHRPP-accredited IRB can provide review for multi-center research projects.
  • Our IRB is administered by experts in clinical research and human subject protection.
  • Our unique value proposition:
    • Staff from leading academic centers serve as IRB members.
    • We combine the expertise of academics with the efficiency of a central board.
    • IRB meetings twice weekly.
    • Expedited IRB reviews on a daily basis.
    • Protected class and recombinant DNA/gene transfer trials audited for compliance.
    • As part of our routine service.
    • Every investigator new to clinical research is audited to assess GCP compliance.
    • BRANY QA Auditors work with the staff on-site, making the audit an educational experience.
    • Notification of IRB decisions within 2 days of the meeting; and 5 days for formal communication.
    • We provide immediate feedback and clear communication on documents submitted to our IRB, including providing redlined recommendations.
    • Access to IRB-Manager™ collaborative software.
    • Emergency contact 24/7.

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For more information on BRANY’s Central IRB Services contact Carmela Houston-Henry at 516.470.6979 or