BRANY IRB’s experience with a wide variety of institutions and sponsors has led to the development of our unique IRB models, each designed to serve the particular needs of different organizations.

Understanding that organizations need to remain connected to the research conducted throughout their organization, BRANY includes in its processes the mechanisms to keep key institutional personnel apprised of all pertinent research matters throughout the course of a clinical research study.

BRANY IRB has full AAHRPP accreditation and 18 years of experience serving as both an independent IRB for multi-site research, and a local IRB to academic medical centers, research organizations, and research sites.

The BRANY IRB team partners with your organization’s IRB and/or research office to ensure your staff and investigators remain “connected” to their BRANY-IRB reviewed research studies, enhancing your organization’s research oversight.

For the past 19 years, BRANY’s “Connected IRB” model has provided organizations with a customized solution that results in high quality human subject protection oversight, as well as efficiency for industry sponsored and investigator initiated research.

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